Re-imagine what’s possible for your clients

We partner with you throughout the investment experience to build portfolios that connect your clients’ values to their investments across asset classes.

Investing is personal

From designing a high-impact solution for a mission-driven foundation to supporting a new client and their family in defining their values, we partner with you to reimagine the investment experience.

We integrate your clients’ values throughout each stage of the investment experience. Through discovery, optimization, trading, management and reporting - we’re the complete platform for personalized and sustainable investing.

Curated Investment Platform

Our client-driven investment platform connects our 19 sustainability pillars to investments across asset classes, vehicles, and solutions to create a portfolio that truly matches your clients' values and goals.

Curated Investment Platform Features

Our evolving platform supports your team in delivering a differentiated and high-impact offering.

Ethic Thematics

We’ve synthesized the complexity of the global issues and causes facing the world into 19 proprietary sustainability pillars.


Our multi-asset capability helps you embed client values into client portfolios, from charitable giving to investments in both public markets and private solutions.

Evolving Selection

We partner with you to help navigate a changing investment landscape and deliver the most impactful solutions for your clients.

Research Focused

Our team brings backgrounds in quantitative research, data science, and impact measurement to make sense of complex issues.

Data Driven

We combine multiple data providers with rigorous in-house analysis to ensure we measure what really matters.


Our community brings together companies, investors, researchers, and practitioners to rethink what’s needed to build a sustainable future.

Values-Aligned Investing

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DAFs Can Help Align Wealth with Values

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Our One Portfolio solution enables you to implement high integrity impact solutions while navigating the operational complexities of using different account and product types, all across multiple asset classes.

One Portfolio Features

Balance complexity with control across your whole portfolio allocation.

One Optimization

Built with your whole allocation in mind, our proprietary optimization monitors your portfolio for precision around tax, trading, and factors.


Manage your multi-asset allocation in One Portfolio, from privates, enhanced indexing investments and exchange traded funds.

Active Tax

Balance your tax needs across every event, from transitions and inflows to ongoing tax loss harvesting.

Account Types

Manage portfolios across different account types to incorporate tax considerations without the operational complexity.

Multi Factor

Minimize your active risk by balancing the financial exposures needed to help your clients meet their investment goals.

Custom Constraints

Apply custom constraints to service unique client-directed investment needs when optimizing portfolios.


Built from the ground up for precision personalization. We take care of the complexity of portfolio management and trading so you can implement sophisticated portfolios to your client guidelines.

AIME Features

Our in-house engine ensures you can scale personalization across your complex investment needs.

Auto Rebalance

Configure your client portfolios to automatically rebalance based on your investment objectives.

Auto Events

Events-based portfolio management allows you to nimbly adjust your clients’ portfolios in step with their unique life events.

International Trading

We trade in both domestic and international markets based on what’s most advantageous for each client portfolio.

Major Custodians

We integrate with most major custodians so you can access our personalized solutions.

Integrated Reconciliations

We run checks and reconciliations in every phase of your investment journey.

Technology Driven

We automate the time-consuming elements of portfolio management so you can dedicate more time to growing your business.

The Values Conversation

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Portfolio Management 101

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