The Ethic Playbook: Balancing Your Clients’ Tax and Sustainability Goals
Wednesday, December 20, 2023
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December 2023
The Ethic Playbook: Balancing Your Clients’ Tax and Sustainability Goals
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How to balance your clients’ tax priorities while building portfolios that reflect their personal values

by Morgan du Plessix

The Ethic Team speaks to hundreds of wealth advisers every year so we know that tax planning sits at the core of most of their clients’ financial plans. However, many of those advisers are unaware of how a personalized direct indexing strategy can support their clients’ overall tax planning while also maintaining the focus on their impact goals. Relationship manager Morgan du Plessix breaks down the benefits of this strategy in our latest episode of “The Ethic Playbook”. 

How does a direct indexing strategy support a balanced and efficient tax strategy? Let’s take a look: 

  • Investing in direct indexed SMAs allows investors to exclude specific securities. By managing direct indexed portfolios so that our clients directly own individual stocks, we can efficiently incorporate tax management into trading decisions. We can get specific about balancing investors’ tax budgets as we build portfolios that better reflect their values. 
  • Our investment platform is built to monitor how clients’ portfolios track with their sustainability goals as well as their tax objectives. Our algorithm-driven rebalancing and trading technology helps identify potential openings to optimize tax opportunities. 
  • As the end-of-year approaches, many advisers look for opportunities to optimize their client’s tax experience. But at Ethic, our reporting isn’t just for end-of-year. Our active tax technology evaluates opportunities for savings daily, with reports easily accessible on the Ethic Platform. 

Talk to your relationship manager about active tax management with Ethic.

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Morgan du Plessix was born in Haiti to a Haitian mother and French father and raised between Haiti, France and the Washington D.C. area. She previously worked at UBS Global Wealth Management in roles across the firm’s major business areas including the sustainable investing solutions team and the advisory and planning products group, amongst others. She graduated from New York University where she studied International Relations and Sustainable Business.

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