Portfolios and pandemics: Deforestation
Wednesday, April 29, 2020
April 2020
Sustainability topics in a nutshell with Ethic co-founder Jay Lipman
Portfolios and pandemics: Deforestation

Which business practices increase the risk of another highly infectious disease? In this video, I discuss one of the links between unsustainable corporate practices and infectious diseases: deforestation. 3 of 4 emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic—like COVID-19 or SARS—meaning they jumped from animals to people. Deforestation and the companies driving it, is one of the factors systemically pushing exotic animals closer to human populations, increasing the risk of diseases making that jump.

Sources and footnotes

Zoonotic diseases statistics cited from: CDC: One Health Basics: Zoonotic Diseases


Jay Lipman, a co-founder of Ethic, is driven by the need to address climate and environmental risks with the resources to which we each have unique access. He has been ranked among the Forbes 30 Under 30: Social Entrepreneurs.