Meet the Sustainability Team
Tuesday, July 18, 2023
July 2023
Meet the Sustainability Team
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Sustainability is deeply embedded in Ethic’s DNA. According to Palmer Nix, one of our software engineering analysts, “It is at the core of all the activities we do.” 

How do we define sustainability? And how do we use sustainability to help guide wealth advisors and investors toward a future where all investing is sustainable? 

To learn the answers to these questions, watch “Meet the Sustainability Team,” a video that introduces some of the members of Ethic’s cross-disciplinary team of data scientists, researchers, engineers, and storytellers responsible for developing our unique approach to sustainability and building and maintaining our proprietary sustainability model.

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Ben Goldman is a strategic storyteller and creative leader who previously worked at InVision as a group creative director and head of films. Before joining InVision, Ben co-founded the local news startup Blockfeed and the social good organization Superheroes Anonymous. He has extensive experience working across TV, film, and media and his work has been featured in NY Times, CNN, TechCrunch, HBO, and more.

Kylie Holloway is a performer, producer, and writer from Sacramento, CA. Kylie attended UC San Diego and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School before moving to NYC to pursue comedy. She has performed and produced live shows such as the New York Times-recommended Great Outdoors Variety, Nevertheless She Existed, and Blood in the Water: Queens Drag Sharks. As a podcast producer, she has worked with Vox Media and NY Magazine as well as scrappy startups like CaveatMedia. She also spent many years as a tour guide and creative consultant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Portrait Gallery, the Museum of Fine Art: Boston, and museums around the world.

Phil Perkins is an entrepreneur and engineer who's worked in engineering leadership in media for over a decade. He previously worked as an engineering director at Bloomberg and is the co-founder of local media startup Block feed. He joined Ethic in 2022 to lead all technical aspects of the studio including the virtual production technology.

Chris Fanelli is a multimedia creator with a focus on comedy and the absurd. His work as a writer-director-performer has been featured in various independent streaming platforms and film festivals.

Melissa Banigan is a content strategist with over 15 years of communications experience working with global companies and nonprofits. Also a journalist and author, her work appears in The Washington Post, CNN, the BBC, NPR, and the Independent, among other publications, and she's written three books for youth.

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