Our Impact Partnership with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Tuesday, October 12, 2021
October 2021
Our Impact Partnership with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

At Ethic, we don’t shy away from taking on big challenges. Since our founding more than five years ago, we’ve strived to help redefine the fundamental nature of the relationship between corporations and the world around them. Our efforts to make capital markets a powerful force for good involve having hard conversations, putting real action behind our words, and not being afraid to do things a bit differently.

Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, share a lot of values with us, and we suspect, with many of you as well. That’s why we’re so excited that they’re joining us as impact partners.

They’re deeply committed to helping address the defining issues of our time—such as climate, gender equity, health, racial justice, human rights, and strengthening democracy—and understand that these issues are inherently interconnected. So much so, in fact, that they became investors in Ethic earlier this year and have investments managed by Ethic as well.

Now they want to shine a light on how we can all impact the causes that affect our communities, bring transparency into how the corporate world sets the tone and shapes outcomes for everyday families, and believe that more people should have a seat at the table when it comes to making progress.

With their partnership, our shared vision for a world in which all investing is sustainable investing can reach many millions around the globe.

After all, we are all investors. Whether or not you have an investment portfolio today, you still make conscious decisions each and every day about where you choose to invest your time, money and energy. We all have the opportunity to invest in our communities—and to align our values with our actions. And that’s crucial because it will take all of us, working as a community, to shape a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future.

Working together, we hope to inform, educate and inspire widespread action around some of the most significant and defining issues of our time.

While these issues are global, our choices—and our values—are often personal. We view this partnership as an incredible opportunity to inspire even more people to align their individual values with their actions.

If this is your first time visiting us, welcome! We’re so happy that you’ve joined our community and taken this step toward living your values. We founded Ethic because we believe in the power of informed, independent choice to drive material positive change in our world. And we can’t wait to help you do just that.

Doug, Jay, and Johny

Please join our community to learn even more about sustainability.

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Sources and footnotes

Johny Mair was raised in Australia, and driven by love of technology, collaborating, and bringing ideas to life. He has been building technology products across three different continents and led product teams at Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, BlackRock, Fidelity, Guy Carpenter, Goldman Sachs and a number of high-growth startups before co-founding Ethic. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Queensland University of Technology.

Doug Scott was raised in Australia by two forward-thinking social and environmental activists. Doug co-created Ethic to help solve many of the largest issues facing humanity. He was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30, and previously worked in Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank.

Jay Lipman, a co-founder of Ethic, is driven by the need to address climate and environmental risks with the resources to which we each have unique access. He has been ranked among the Forbes 30 Under 30: Social Entrepreneurs.