Your investor checklist
Taking a deeper look at what motivated you and how Ethic can help

For investors with deep knowledge in investing, managing your own money can be an interesting challenge and a rewarding way to plan for your future. If you are managing your own investments, you know that curiosity and continuous learning are keys to understanding the evolving investing landscape. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help guide your knowledge of investing and sustainability. 

How am I doing currently? Where can I learn more? 

  • Look across your financial life: Have you thought about your goals across all areas of your financial life? This can include your investments, your charitable giving, as well as your saving & spending habits. Assessing your goals across all areas of your financial life can help you plan for the future.
  • Assess your investment approach: Do you have a diversified approach to investing? Have you thought about the risk of the different types of investments you are making? Understanding the basics of investing can help you balance the risk and opportunity across your portfolio.
  • Understand products & fees: Do you know how you pay for the products and services you use? Understanding the types of products available and their fee structure can help you make informed decisions about the costs and benefits of different types of products. 
  • Build sustainability impact into your portfolio: Do you have any investments you consider sustainable? How did you select them? Looking deeper into the ways that different products consider sustainability criteria can help you understand where your values are aligned (or misaligned!) with your investments.

Where can I benefit from connecting with others in the investing community? 

  • Where could I benefit from connecting to others? Often, working with someone else can help broaden your perspective and introduce you to new ideas, products, and services. Just because you are managing your investments on your own doesn’t mean you can’t build a rich community of broad perspectives. 
  • What expertise do I have to share with the community? We’re building a community of curious investors with expertise in many areas of investing and finance. What are the unique skills that you have to share with us? Let us know the resources you find helpful or any ideas you have for where we can help.

We hope our community can grow into a place to bring your knowledge with everyone else’s and align all investing towards sustainability. Let us know which topics are interesting you and we can help share our knowledge with you!