How Ethic works with your advisor

So you’re already working with a financial advisor! That’s great. Ethic currently works with over 100 leading wealth management firms across the U.S., and we’re growing quickly. 

We started Ethic five years ago to help investors align their portfolios with their values, in partnership with financial advisors like yours. Our platform was designed to help financial advisors transform their business to align with a more sustainable future, so that they can help clients(like you who are interested in investing according to their values alongside returns.

As issues like racial justice, climate change, and health & wellness come to the forefront of our lives, more and more investors like you are realizing that their investments can have a direct impact on the world around them. Odds are your financial advisor has already started thinking about sustainability, whether in their business practice or investment options. We can provide the infrastructure your advisor may need in order to get started with offering customized sustainable solutions - we’ve put together a few things for you to pass along to your advisor to get the conversation started!

Here's some information on how we work advisors

Ethic helps advisors across a few parts of their business: 

  • Connect with their clients on the values important to them: help them discover the values and issues most important to their clients and translate these values into a personalized portfolio
  • Build portfolios in line with their existing allocation: select their desired benchmark to fit within their existing allocation through our optimized portfolios
  • Implement loss harvesting for tax efficiency: transition existing portfolios in a tax efficient way and incorporate ongoing tax loss harvesting
  • Available across major advisory custodian partners: Available with Charles Schwab / TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and Pershing - streamlined through Ethic’s on-platform experience
  • Communicate the positive impact of our personalized portfolios: Provide transparent insights and tangible impact measurements across over 50 ESG categories
  • Curated content to support both advisor & client education: Platform tools to help support ongoing education around ESG issues, like curated news stories related to your portfolio

Our team

We are a team with  institutional investing, technology, data and design expertise representing over 15 countries combining our experience from over a dozen institutions. We’re on a mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable investing. 

If you need any help, please get in touch with our team at