Day Before Tomorrow
Rivers Used to Catch Fire... And Could Again.
Rivers Used to Catch Fire... And Could Again.
We look at the landmark law that cleaned up America's waterways and the current case that could gut the Clean Water Act.
Day Before Tomorrow
Fun for the Whole Planet! EthicTV takes viewers on a surreal visual journey though very real climate change and sustainability issues. This fun, upbeat look at the latest developments in the climate crisis (and solutions to fix it) aims to invite everyone- from the experts to the uninitiated into the climate conversation. Day Before Tomorrow- The best day to try to solve climate change.

Just how often did rivers catch fire? At least this often:

It’s been over 50 years since the Clean Water Act, but what did it actually do?

Want to read the Clean Water Act? Here you go, you beautiful nerd. 

For more information on the Supreme Court Case Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency, look no further:

And what was that you said about the earlier Supreme Court ruling on the Clean Air Act?

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