Webinar—The Rise of Racial Justice Investing: An Advisor's Opportunity for Impact
Wednesday, February 16, 2022
February 2022
A more in depth exploration of key sustainability topics
Webinar—The Rise of Racial Justice Investing: An Advisor's Opportunity for Impact

The racial reckoning that has unfolded in recent years is inspiring more people to consider whether the firms they patronize may be helping or harming the cause. Similarly, a growing number of investors are turning to their financial advisors for guidance as to how companies in their portfolios may be perpetuating systemic inequities. Are you prepared to address their concerns?

This webinar will provide insight into how Ethic’s model looks at an issue as complex as racial justice, moving beyond diversity metrics and public commitments to identify corporate behaviors that are meaningfully and disproportionately impacting communities of color.

Join us on Thursday, February 24 at 9am PT/ 12pm ET for a conversation about how financial advisors can be a part of the solution: working to promote racial justice while simultaneously satisfying clients’ appetite for socially responsible investment solutions. Click here to register!

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Kedar Wilson was born in Trinidad & Tobago and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Previously he worked at Tidal ETF Services as Director of Advisory Services and prior to that held positions as Marketing and Project Manager at UBS within the Advisor Marketing and Client Experience division. Prior to UBS Kedar held a Financial Advisor position at Morgan Stanley. Kedar graduated with a B.A. in Business Psychology from Stony Brook University and is an avid reader.

Travis Korte is the Sustainability Research and Data Lead at Ethic. Previously, Travis organized civic-minded technologists at Hack for LA and advised a wide range of clients on data science, data policy, and quantitative methods. You can follow him on Twitter at @traviskorte.