Fun for the Whole Planet!
Ethic TV is a new virtual production studio that turns the climate conversation into
the greatest show on Earth.
We take viewers on a upbeat journey through very real climate change and sustainability issues. This fun, educational look at the latest developments in the climate crisis (and solutions to fix it) aims to invite everyone- from the experts to the uninitiated- into the climate conversation.
Two secret ingredients are key to realizing our approach
Our brilliant research team
Ethic TV is backed by an in-house research team with access to some of the most current and comprehensive data on a wide swath of sustainability topics. With their support, claims are fact-checked and opinions are backed by research.
Our world class studio
Ethic TV features a new "green" screen virtual production studio in Manhattan, which keeps production sustainable by reducing the need for single-use sets and travel. It also allows us to set shows on any stage or environment– from a melting polar ice cap to lush tropical forests. If The Mandalorian can transport audiences to far away planets, why not bring them to our planet too?
Meet the minds behind Ethic Tv
Benjamin Bertram Goldman
Executive Producer and Head of Studio
Benjamin is an award-winning writer and filmmaker and an early innovator in virtual production whose work has appeared in HBO, NY Times, CNN, BBC, MSNBC, TechCrunch and more. Most recently, he ran the documentary film studio at the design company InVision and he now serves as the executive producer and head of studio at Ethic.
Chris Fanelli
Editor and Creative Producer
Chris is a multimedia creator with a focus on comedy and the absurd. His work as a writer-director-performer has been featured in various independent streaming platforms and film festivals.
Kylie Holloway
Head Writer and Producer
Kylie Holloway is a writer, producer, and Sacramento river rat who loves using comedy to direct attention to the biggest issues of our times. Prior to Ethic, she produced and wrote podcasts for New York Magazine, Vox Media, and Caveat Media. As a live events producer, she is the creator of the New York Times recommended Great Outdoors, Nevertheless She Existed, and Blood in the Water (Drag Queens paired with Shark Scientists). Currently, you can catch her performing live around Brooklyn and producing the comedy show/dance party Darling Tallie. She'd love to hear about what you're working on.
Phil Perkins
Technical Director
Phil is an entrepreneur and engineer who's worked in engineering leadership in media for over a decade. He previously worked as an engineering director at Bloomberg and is the co-founder of local media startup Block feed. He joined Ethic in 2022 to lead all technical aspects of the studio including the virtual production technology.
Jay Lipman
Cofounder of Ethic and host of Day Before Tomorrow.
Jay is a Climate and Human Rights activist, focused on leveraging storytelling, investing, and the capital markets to drive solutions to solving both systemic issues. Recognized by Forbes as 30 Under 30 (2018), Investment News as 40 Under 40 (2020), and awarded ESG Advocate of the Year by RIA Intel (2022). Jay enjoys brewing a cheeky cup of tea and will talk your ear off about goats, heat pumps and soil if you give him the chance.